Walk On The Wild Side

3 thoughts on “Walk On The Wild Side

  1. welcome back where you belong, Marc. I long to buy your next CD and hope it will be released soon. all the best, a fan from France

  2. Hi Marc I had the great pleasure of learning more about your music in Waterdown with Lunch at Allens! I am your newest Devotee and spoke with you briefly after the show
    I have searched and searched for the song I believe you called Least although it’s currently being reworked for Rod Stewart.
    I believed it was titled ‘Least’. I have attempted to purchase on I tunes with no success.
    Is there a different path that might result in success?
    I can’t for the new album!
    Thank you so much
    Deb Houston

  3. Hello Marc

    I noticed the release of your new CD “Both Sides” . It is a real great news with the fact that you are back to a more jazzy style that fits you so well. I am a happy guy. Thank you . Antoine, a fan from France

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